• “Terri helped me discover how powerful and productive life coaching is for someone like me, a self-employed woman who underestimates her value in the marketplace. The barriers to my success as a business owner had many forms, i.e., self-doubt, fear and a lack of clear vision. Terri guided me to an accountable game plan by asking the right questions. Her process is very intuitive and clearly focused on helping me get from point A to point B without feeling judged or pressured. At the end of our sessions I feel energized and excited, due in part to having a specific and doable plan and due in part to knowing that Terri is there to encourage and celebrate my successes! I highly recommend Terri Reed as a Life Coach for anyone needing someone who intelligently takes you around, over or under the things that are in the way of your becoming the best you can be!”

    - Vilma D.

  • “Terri Reed has been working me with me as a life coach for the last few months and she has had a profound impact on my life. She is compassionate, thoughtful and caring in the way she listens and provides coaching. She asks powerful and pertinent questions to fully understand where her clients are coming from, where they are now and where they want to be, which in turn allows her to provide clear and valuable feedback and direction. She is very good about leaving me with things to work on or think about between sessions and she is always very responsive in following up with me. Working with Terri has truly been a blessing and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to work with a life coach!”

    - Amy

  • “I was introduced to grief early in life starting with the loss of my Father. I never realized how grief influenced my life choices until I became a Mother and tragically lost my daughter. I also lost myself. Every choice I made had blurred lines. Every dream seemed unattainable.
    After years of grief counseling, I started to dream again. My mind was flooded with fantastic idea’s but I didn’t know what to do with them. My heart was finally beating again but I forgot who I was. I didn’t have the confidence I needed to launch back into a fulfilled life.
    It was my first session with Terri where I began to understand my personality and behavior. I learned what motivates me and what hinders me. My strengths and weaknesses all play apart in moving forward. Terri asks just the right questions that awaken my sense of worth.
    Terri is also an incredible listener. She encourages me through my personal growth and inspires my professional career by helping me set attainable goals and future plans. I honestly, leave every session feeling like I can breathe again. “I can really do this!”
    There is no greater feeling than to know you were placed on this earth for a purpose. Let Terri Reed help you better understand what your purpose is all about.”

    - Lori T.

  • “‘Terri is a great listener, fantastic at helping you move forward, and helping you discover things you didn't even realize about yourself.”

    - Annesha

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