My Story

I am a graduate of George Fox University who loves the outdoors… To run or hike with my Sweetie and kids—and to have meaningful, connected conversations. I am passionate about one’s journey inward in order to move forward—and find immense joy in helping others pursue what they were created to be and do! My personal journey has involved directing and consulting small business practices, facilitating conversations, marriage and blending family, encouraging kids and step-kids, while growing spiritually and continually learning...

I received my Life Coaching Certificate of Excellence from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.

My focuses are Spirit-led transformation and authentic living;


  • Navigating change and transition

  • Integrated decision-making

  • Releasing worry

  • Increased intimacy and connection for couples

  • Effective communication and clarity for life’s purpose

I am looking forward to meeting you, and hearing about where you dream of going on your life journey!

Coffee and conversation.... these are 2 things I celebrate!
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