Life is best lived from AUTHENTICITY and embracing the POSSIBILITIES… The journey awaits.

Where is your heart leading you?



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Congratulations on your decision to engage in a transformational journey! It is the opportunity to IMAGINE, CREATE and LIVE the AUTHENTIC LIFE you were destined to live!

LIFE COACHING is a process that can illuminate greatness in a client and align the mind, body and spirit to achieve their life‘s personal and professional goals. Clients are encouraged to explore their unique core values and make decisions from that place!

The COACHING RELATIONSHIP is an alliance between coach and client(s). It’s like taking a walk or hike—TOGETHER.

Conversations help to uncover ‘NEXT STEPS’ and STRATEGIES for clients to implement achieving personal and professional breakthroughs.

I INVITE YOU to discover what is ahead for you, your loved ones or your teams. It is with excitement and anticipation that I welcome you- and if it feels right, I hope you’ll INVITE ME to be part of your journey.


Why Coaching?

My heart is to “Inspire others to live authentically aligned with their

God-designed purpose.”


Coaching is about the PRESENT. It honors the past and embraces the present to MOVE FORWARD with energy and intention.

Coaching is also, CONFIDENTIAL. You can rest assured in sharing your perceived obstacles, as well as your hopes and dreams.

I commit to holding our conversations privately and securely.

  • A coach acts as a motivator and accountability partner to walk with a client through steps to achieve their best life possible. Inspiration to choose the best path forward is within the client or clients, individually or collectively.


  • The coach will utilize tools, ask thought-provoking questions that evoke clarity and awareness of alignment and lack of alignment in the client.

  • Coaching is different from therapy or counseling. Coaching HONORS a client’s story—but doesn’t attempt to solve problems from the past. If you are currently working with a counselor or therapist, I encourage you to continue to do so-- even letting them know you have chosen to engage in a journey utilizing life coaching. 

Personalized Coaching

One-Hour Session

(in person or by Zoom)

Coaching Packages

Multiple sessions bundled for cost savings

Couples Coaching

Navigating & Celebrating

Life Together

Pre-Marriage Coaching

Preparing & Designing a life with Intimacy

Championing greatness in each other


“Terri Reed has been working me as a life coach for the last few months and she has had a profound impact on my life. She is compassionate, thoughtful and caring in the way she listens and provides coaching. She asks powerful and pertinent questions to fully understand where her clients are coming from, where they are now and where they want to be, which in turn allows her to provide clear and valuable feedback and direction. She is very good about leaving me with things to work on or think about between sessions and she is always very responsive in following up with me. Working with Terri has truly been a blessing and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to work with a life coach!”


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